Apple App Store 2020 best app game announced

On December 2, Apple announced the winners of app store 2020. Five apps, including this year’s hot original God, won Apple’s App Store 2020 selection awards. In this year’s life, these award-winning apps and games have played an important role in making our life easier, healthier and more connected with each other. These apps and games shine with high standards, creative design, high availability and innovative technology, while showing the same positive energy, usefulness and importance.

“Compared with previous years, we have many of our most creative and connected moments this year, all of which are happening on apps. It’s the wonderful work of developers that makes this possible, bringing us a fresh and helpful app experience this year, “said Phil Schiller, now at Apple fellow. “We’ve seen the relentless efforts of many developers around the world, and the winners of the 2020 selection are just a few examples of this innovative spirit. They keep us healthy, do things well, rest well, and have a significant impact on many of us.
Wakeout’s independent developers bring a relaxed way to exercise in the home office and classroom environment, allowing users to stay alive with pleasant, easy to do actions designed for everyone. The large-scale fantasy world created by the original God is lifelike, which brings users the experience they yearn for. Whether it’s using fantasy to cultivate our daily habits, or sleeping in the company of endel, App Store 2020’s selected winners let us live a wonderful life at home. App developers around the world use their creative talents to help users stay healthy, connected and entertained.
The detailed list of awards is as follows:

IPhone app of the year: wakeout! (developer Andres Canella, USA)
Wakeout is an app designed to provide easy and easy short exercise. It started with early morning exercise (which is the origin of wakeout’s name), and later developed many other types of exercise, including finger wrist exercise, office exercise, sofa exercise and “secret” exercise.

Iphone game of the year: Yuanshen (developer MIHA you, China)
“Original God” is an open world adventure game produced and released by Shanghai MIHA. It has been popular in the world since it was launched this year. With its excellent world outlook and overall open world game mode, it has won the favor of a large number of users. It is worth mentioning that “original God” also became the first Chinese developer to win Apple’s annual selected app award.

Mac app of the year: fantastic (developer flexibits, USA)
It is the intersection of traditional calendar and task management software. The window view is clear and simple. The new version of the office at home and other scenarios to do more optimization, automatic detection of conference call links, so that work at home more seamless.

IPad app of the year: Zoom
Apple TV app of the year: Disney + (developer Disney, USA)
Apple watch app of the year: endel (developer endel, Germany)

German software developers to create a very design style of health applications, can automatically change the voice according to the user’s environment, heart rate, activity level, in the impact of these sounds on people’s emotions, such as sleep aid, reduce anxiety and so on.
IPad game of the year: “Legends of runetra,” from riot games
Mac game of the year: “disco Elysium,” from Za / um
Apple TV game of the year: “dandara trials of fear,” from long hat house
Apple’s official news link: Apple announces the winners of app store 2020