Unmanned spacecraft Cygnus, delivering fresh chocolates for international space

Orbital Sciences CorpThe first unmanned spacecraft will be launched to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, and the only American astronaut on the International Space Station is eagerly looking forward to the fresh chocolate that will be delivered.
NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg Said that she couldn’t wait to wait for the arrival of the “Swan” spacecraft (Cygnus). She said that she was very excited about the packages delivered from home and the special food she might get.

Due to the complete decommissioning of the US space shuttle fleet, NASA has contracted with Orbital Corporation and California Space Exploration Technology Corporation (SpaceX) to commission them to deliver supplies for the space station.

SpaceX began delivering supplies to the space station more than a year ago, while the Orbital Science Company’s “Swan” only carried out a cargo rehearsal in April this year, and will now perform the first replenishment operation for the space station.

Since this operation is still classified as a test flight, the “Swan” is mainly carrying food and other non-essential materials.

At present, in addition to Niborg, there are two male astronauts from Italy and Russia on the International Space Station.