Tesla “chip” step by step, apple car start acceleration

In December 10th, foreign media reported that Apple was working with TSMC to develop an autopilot car chip, and apple Apple (Car) has already set up its own factory in the United States. At the same time, Apple has begun to cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the global automotive electronics supply chain. Apple Car is expected to debut in 2024-2025.

In fact, as early as jobs’s time, he said publicly that Apple had the ability and platform to design and build a car. But in the years since then, Apple’s car building program has had little effect, and the volume has become smaller and smaller, so that the outside world once thought that Apple gave up making cars.

Apple cars keep the market waiting too long, while Tesla’s rapid development puts apple under pressure. At present, Tesla has begun to build the next generation of “automobile central processing unit”, and Tesla’s autopilot has been rated as the best driving aid system.

Tesla has become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world, with natural promotion advantages. According to the latest data released by EV sales blog, Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling electric vehicle in the world in October, and the sales of model y crossover vehicles surpassed Volkswagen id.3. So far this year, Tesla has sold about 261000 model 3 vehicles, accounting for 12% of the global electric vehicle market.

Three advantages of Apple car making

In the field of unmanned driving, apple actually has its own advantages over Tesla.

On the one hand, Apple has its own operating system, whether IOS or OS, has its own ecosystem; at the same time, Apple has proved that it has the ability to develop its own chip through M1 chip; therefore, its strong R & D strength is one of Apple’s more prominent advantages.

On the other hand, Apple products have made global consumers more and more accustomed to IOS and OS operating interfaces. It is easier and more logical to derive from iPhone to iPad, then to promote Iwatch and iMac, and then to automobile platform.
Of course, the most important aspect is perhaps Apple’s own influence, because to a certain extent, Apple has become synonymous with high technology.