Ifixit dismantling Huawei mate 40 Pro

The disassembly of the mate 40 Pro starts at the back

It was reported on the morning of December 9 that ifixit, a professional disassembly structure from abroad, started Huawei’s new flagship mate 40 pro. After dismantling, the maintainability score of this domestic flagship mobile phone is 4 / 10, which means it is relatively difficult to recover. It is relatively easy to remove all the main components. However, due to the large amount of adhesive used in the front and rear panels, it is necessary to be extra careful when removing the screen.

As with most disassembly, this starts by heating the rear and prying the rear panel open. Ifixit notes that the strong adhesive is used to keep the phone intact in water, so other devices must be used to pry it off.

How the back cover is removed

When turned on, you can see the flash and three camera modules, which are strapped under the motherboard cover. Because the mate 40 Pro is a round lens set, its arrangement is not as regular as a horizontal or vertical arrangement.

Camera module

The 4400mAh battery has several cross screws and connecting cables. The battery has its own pull tab, so it is relatively easy to remove

The battery is not difficult to remove, but there are too many cables

As for the motherboard, it contains Kirin 9000 5g chip with 5nm process, lpddr 5 ram and UFS 3.1 memory chip produced by Samsung.

It is also worth noting that mate 40 PRO + and mate 40 rs are specially equipped with Huawei’s own Hisilicon sfs1.0 storage, rather than the Samsung flash memory seen here.

Motherboard part of mate 40 Pro

Ifixit mentioned that the screen of the phone is very difficult to remove, and the fingerprint sensor is below the screen display. This part cannot be replaced without removing the screen, so I hope the screen won’t crack, otherwise the maintenance will be very troublesome.The screen is the part that drives ifixit crazy

The screen is the part that drives ifixit crazy

On the whole, the relative modularity and battery pull-out of mate 40 Pro make these two parts easy to disassemble. The earpiece speaker is a modular component, which greatly simplifies the replacement process. However, many cables inside the fuselage make it more difficult to disassemble. The screen is hell level.