We regret to inform you that T-Mobile is selling a 5G-branded gin

Whatever the reason, 5G-themed gin is now something that exists in the world, courtesy of T-Mobile. Ostensibly, “Ultra Capacity 5Gin” exists to celebrate a T-Mobile milestone: covering 300 million people with its low-band extended range 5G network and 150 million covered by its better midrange ultra capacity 5G.

But maybe it just came down to the company seeing Ryan Reynolds having a good time, selling gin*, and enjoying ownership of a wireless company and it thinking, “Let’s get in on that.” Or perhaps as the Mariners were on the receiving end of yet another no-hitter, some marketing execs out for a night at ol’ T-Mobile Park drowned their sorrows in one too many $20 G&Ts and got to thinking.

With notes of pine, citrus, and unfulfilled Sprint acquisition promises

The corporate-branded gin nobody asked for is produced by Heritage Distilling, the Northwest’s preferred purveyor of flavored vodkas and Seahawks-themed whiskey. There’s a non-alcoholic option, too: Extended Range 5Ginger Beer, made by Jones Soda.

If this sounds appealing and your home bar would benefit from a gin with “approachable piney notes” and a label with loud magenta branding, then you can order a bottle for $30 starting tomorrow. The ginger beer also goes on sale tomorrow at $10 for a six-pack. Just do us a favor if you order some: maybe pour one out for that fourth wireless carrier T-Mobile was supposed to help set up after the Sprint merger?

*Technically, Ryan Reynolds sold his gin company for $610 million last August. Spiritually, he’s still kicking around as part-owner, though.

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